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In Support Of People With A Developmental Disability

CHOICES provides individualized supports that are Person Centered, Evidenced Based and Principle Driven. Our commitment to these values ensures that the adults we support achieve their potential, engage in their community, and are safe throughout the process. As a recipient of public monies we are ever mindful of our role as innovative leaders and accountable partners in providing caring and effective support.

Mission & Vision Statements

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Passport Funding

The Passport program is designed to complement and work together with other government programs, resources and sources of funding to provide a wide range of supports.

CHOICES Passport Services

Day Programs

Day Programs are divided into two streams. One is for meaningful day activities, socialization and development while the other stream is our focused and intentional pre employment programs.

CHOICES Day Programs

Fee For Service

CHOICES offers a variety of Services that are available for a fee. Charges are based on hourly rates and complexity of supports provided.

CHOICES Fee For Service

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Employs 130 to 135 individuals, both full and part time.


Has one Collective Agreement with SEIU Local 1 Canada that covers all employees except management, administration and probationary employees.


Has a total operating budget in excess of $7M. Receives 87% of its budget from the Ministry of Community and Social Services and 13% from fundraising, donations and other ventures.


Has a nine member Board of Directors drawn from the community to oversee program and fiscal responsibility.



  1. Supports over 40 adults through placements at eight residential homes located throughout the Flamborough and Hamilton area.
  2. Homes are designed to support the wishes and needs of the people who live in the home. Supports can range from support for fragile health to preparation for independent living, to supporting individuals with significant behaviour issues.



  1. Offers Day Programs in the Town of Flamborough and the City of Hamilton
  2. Offers a Supported Independent Living Program for adults
  3. Operates a Family Home Program where people we support live with a family in the community individuals in approved homes throughout Hamilton and Flamborough



  1. Operates a Vocational and Life Skills Support Program at the Westfield Day Program
  2. Operates a Day Program at Mohawk Road in Hamilton
  3. Operates a SPRINT program to access community activities
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