Speaking Out

My good report of Speaking out Conference 2014

My report is about the good things that I liked at Speaking Out 2014. I liked their food, the rooms they provided, meeting the volunteers that provided the event. That was the Friday side and now here’s Saturday side of my story: On Saturday once again the Food was great.

At the conference room, it was our time to show our project to the group of other teams. Unfortunately things went the wrong way when they announce us , I notice that they had the wrong intereduction so I reminded them who is with us that day. After that we started to read our notes, I stepped in and help Debbie with her notes. After we finished out presentation we all went back to our rooms, got change out of our dressed clothes and went for lunch. As we were eating our lunch, other teams came, had talk with us that they would like information from us. I was shocked that they wanted autographs from us but all they want was information.

Oops I forgot the Friday night dance in my Fri story. Later on Saturday night it was the 2nd dance of the night, well it was funnier than Friday’s Dance. I decided to video us having fun at Saturday night Dance. Later on I showed Sandee the video I made us at the Saturday night dance. So I copied the video on my flash stick and downloaded it to hut’s computer that Sandee uses.

On Sunday it was the last day for us at the conference, we had to slowly pack our stuff that we brought with us and loaded everything back in the van. We all sat down for our last lunch together. And that’s was the end of our trip to Port Elgin.

From Jay