5 Minute Speech

My 5 minute Speech at AGM 2014

  • At the MOTM meeting we decided to try and get our own electronic equipment, sometimes we have a hard time borrowing equipment
  • We the MOTM’s group went to three stores for quotes on electronic equipment.
  • Then I was asked to email Heather for how to do a Financial Proposal letter and Heather emailed me back & said just make your own proposal letter if you can’t write up our current master one.
  • A couple days later I wrote up the New Proposal letters. After that I e-mailed Heather and asked her for an appointment to meet with her. On Monday Aug 18th 2014 I had a meeting with Heather to show her the two proposals (one: electronics & two: Shirts) that I made and she said that she will let me know if its approved after she meets with the Foundation Board members.
  • On Wednesday Aug 20th 2014 two days later after I met with Heather on Monday. I check MOTM’s e-mail and read an e-mail that Heather sent. I was so happy I had to let Sandee know the news from Heather. I told Sandee that Heather sent an e-mail back to us that we have being approved to purchase equipment and shirts for the Speaking Out Conference in October.
  • Everyone was very proud of me for all the hard work I put in for the Meeting of the Minds.

This was done by Jay F. - the speaking out was done by Philip