Good News Story From Our Self Advocacy Group


In 2015 a goal of MOTM was to become part of the hiring team at CHOICES. We started the interview process for the MOTM snack shop and put out an internal posting for the position.

We met with HR in June 2015 to develop an interview process. MOTM Group HR shared a hiring package and we used it as a template to create our own format. The group reviewed key words that were used such as the term "interviewer" and discussed what this meant and created a glossary of terms and definitions.

We developed a package using pic symbols so all people could understand and score the interviews.

We made a training video to be used to train people on how to act in an interview. We made a good and bad one. The video explained actions and good and bad habits such as looking straight at the candidate and wearing appropriate clothing and welcoming the interview candidate.

We used this to interview people who wanted to work in the snack shop.

In July, Jay, Ashton, Rusty, Gordie, Phil, Meranda and Rebecca attended a training session on how to be a part of the interview team. They asked who wanted to participate in becoming an interviewer and provided a 2 hour training session. Phil, Jay, Ashton and Sandee helped with this.

Submitted by: Attila, Rebecca, Mark, and Gloria from Mohawk and Ashton, Rusty, Jay, Phil, Meranda and Alex from Westfield

NOTE: The members of this team also are part of the Staff Hiring Interviews for CHOICES. To date they have been part of the hiring team for two managers, a coordinator and all interviews in 2016 for front line staff. Anyone can request training to become part of the interview team. MOTM is thinking of offering a training session once a year. If you are interested in being a part of the client interview team you can email MOTM and let them know.