MOTM at Queen’s Park

Bringing the Voice of Self-Advocacy to Toronto

On May 9th, we went on a trip to Queens Park. We took the Go train and the Subway there. We had a tour of the legislature, watched a session in the House and had lunch with the politicians. We met with MPP Ted McMeekin to discuss some issues in our community. It was a good experience for me and I would like to go back again.     Philip Beauchamp

It was an early morning, we left at 6:30am to go to Queens Park MOTM Group in Toronto; we took the GO Train and the subway and arrived for our tour at 9am. Once we got there, we went inside Phillip told Ted McMeekin who we were and why we were there, to promote self-advocacy. While on the tour, I learned about the chandeliers. They were really old and cool. I took pictures inside of Queens Park it was beautiful. We all had lunch; we had sandwiches, fruit and coffee. It was a great experience I really enjoyed my day.    Rebecca Anger

We signed in and had the Tour of Building. We took lots of pictures of the building’s monuments and artifacts. We even took pictures of our first Prime Minister John S. McDonald statue and Queen Victoria statue. Than we met with MPP Ted McMeekin to talk about our suggestions which were Housing, Passport, Transit, and Health & Safety that we came up with. During lunch Ted McMeekin came to let Sandee Green and I know about how to find away to fund new Sprinkler Systems.     Jay Faguy

I went on the GO train to Toronto and took Queens Park Visitthe Subway to Queens Park. I was really excited to watch the Legislative Assembly from the public Gallery. I had a tasty lunch with the politicians.     Simon Vielleux

We went to speak with Ted McMeekin, he is our MPP, about suggestions of housing, health and safety, passport funding, DARTS transportation. I discussed affordable housing. People need affordable housing in order to have a home to live in their lives but the houses are too much money and people cannot afford homes because they are too much money. We went in the house for a session and watch the questioning; they were talking about hydro one and Financing. We had to go back to the Subway then the GO train on our way back home.     Meranda Keast