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Success Stories

At CHOICES we are proud of the accomplishments of our clients, volunteers and staff. We celebrate success and remember each story and achievement - click the links to open the details.

Karen Ebbers learned how to make a pair of dream catcher earrings. Karen Picture

Meranda learned how to make a raised beadwork flower which she applies to the jean bag she made. Meranda Picture


Rebecca has been learning how to do a beaded edging stitch which she is apply to her home made jean bag.

 Rebecca Picture

Sherry has experienced many successesSherry Picture through the craft program at the Westfield day program. She started out 2 years ago learning how to make simple earrings, onto raised and flat beading techniques. She has moved forward to learning how to loom bead and her newest project is the Lakota lazy stitch.

Sherry intends to create a full beaded piece, which she will use to make a leather bag.

These stages of success have given Sherry personal confidence, which translated to Sherry attending school 3 days a week. Recently Sherry has applied and is now attending a pre-college program one day a week.
We would like to share the Story of Kimberly. Kim is supported in the Associate Living Program, and residesKim Picture with Diane and Jan.

In November 2011, during a standard medical check up, her doctor discovered a lump in her breast. It was confirmed that Kim had Breast Cancer.

In April 2012, Kimberly had a double mastectomy.

During the entire process, Kim maintained high spirits, and regular routines.

Kim continued to attend the Mohawk Day Program throughout the treatment process. She took up the hobby of knitting, and made special connections with staff at the Juravinski Hospital.

Kim was supported by Diane and Jan, along with the Mohawk Team, Associate Living staff and HBBS every step of the way. A social story board was created to help Kim understand some of the changes that her body would endure. Kim might have lost her hair, but she learned to love hats and head scarves.

Kim was a true inspiration to everyone around during this time. Never once did she complain about feeling sick from the Chemo, feel sorry for herself, or even turn down the opportunity to attend a dance a Westfield.

Pink Ribbon Picture

Kim pushed through all of it, and BEAT CANCER!

Now... 4 plus years later, Kim continues to be Cancer Free!

Hi my name is Rebecca.Rebecca Picture

RebeccaI work at the Mohawk Day Program. I have been working on a saving money program to save for a tablet. On August 26 I meet my goal. It took me for four months.

On Wednesday August 26, 2015 Ketan and Theresa The Staff from Mohawk asked me if I would like to go out, I said “yes”. I didn’t know where we were going .I had asked about getting my tablet but I have to wait someone had time to take me. When Ketan stopped at Source I was so excited.

I went in with Ketan, we went to electronic department and I found the one I wanted. I brought it! It cost me $149. I Couldn’t wait to open it. I have had it for a few months now and I am enjoying, Face book, game, e mail and much more. I am proud of myself I did it!!!

Three members of the CSL client group attended the Tiger Cat Football game together on September 7 2015.

Stanley B, Walter U, and Stephan R travelled TiCat Football Gameindependently by DARTS, HSR, and bicycle to Tim Horton’s Field. Tiger Cat GAmeAbsalom N CSL staff met the men and together they enjoyed an exciting game with a win over the Toronto Argos 44/22. During the game they enjoyed some snacks, beverages and fellowship.

Meaghan House Fishing Trip

Fishing TripMonday August 3rd the gentlemen of Meaghan house had an exciting day at La Salle pier fishing.

Though no fish were caught, they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Medication Training

 This month Ashton who resides at Dennis group home attended the medication training provided at Choices. Ashton PictureHe was offered an opportunity to take this course by Manager Christina Shea. Ashton stated he was “very happy to take the course”.

He stated that he “felt confident” after taking the test. Ashton's Medication Course PictureShowing that not only has this increased Ashton’s independence but it has also improved his self confidence in himself. Ashton did find out that he passed his test and was thrilled he also shared that he really enjoyed the training, and the lady who taught it Kathy he thought did a great job. It was a great success for Ashton and he will be administering his own medications from now on.

This is a great example of how individuals residing at Choices group home are given opportunities of independence learning and growth.