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CHOICES offers a variety of services designed to support individuals who have securing employment as a goal.

The Paper Products Program

offers participants the opportunity to learn a number of employment skills. These include:

  • Customer service
  • Telephone skills
  • Appointment booking
  • Invoicing and product control
  • Product storage and handlingProduct delivery

The CATS Team

aka the Community Action Team also offers participants the opportunity to learn team work, customer service skills, how to be and stay organized and what is required for working a whole day. The CATS team is involved in the delivery of product from the Paper Products program, inter home deliveries, recycle pick up and delivery and ​clean up jobs around the agency properties.

Resume Creation

CHOICES staff will support individuals to seek professional support within their community to develop a resume. The resume may be standard or may be customized to accommodate non verbal clients or those who do not read.

Interview Practice

CHOICES staff will support individuals to practice the interview process. These practice sessions can be put on video and become a learning tool. Supported individuals can track their progress and see the difference between where they started and the finished product.