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Good news! MOTM attended the Central Hamilton Lions Club meeting on Monday night and Meranda and Jay presented on MOTM activities and fundraising. They did great in responding to everyone's questions. In response, the Hamilton's Lions Club has offered to sponsor one individual to the Speaking Out Conference ($450)!

MOTM Annual Wing Ding

MOTM members at work

MOTM members jamming for the crowd

CHOICES understands the importance of community involvement, community connections and giving back. An event the size of the Oh Canada Rotary Rib-fest, relies heavily on the strong support of volunteers, including CHOICES all coming together to make the community event each year, a successful one! Individuals from CHOICES, both Ribfest Logoclients and staff come out to volunteer during this amazing community event known as Oh Canada Rotary Rib-fest. Involvement in this event includes: volunteering to sell pop and water at the CHOICES booth, volunteering to direct parking and with park clean-up before, during and after the event. This event has become an annual successful fundraiser in support of CHOICES programs, projects and individuals who receive support and service.


CHOICES participates in the Waterdown “Team Up to Clean Up” community park clean up event on an annual basis. It is a year-round city-wide community clean up Team Up Clean Up Logoprogram that gives individuals supported by CHOICES, the opportunity to give back to the community. CHOICES has dedicated itself to cleaning up Memorial Park in Waterdown on Hamilton Drive. The “Team Up to Clean Up” program provides all the tools required to run a community clean up including gloves, recycling bags and specially marked garbage bags. The program helps keep public places in the neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone.

CHOICES has started a new tradition at CHOICES – Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is the celebration of Thanksgiving with friends. The centerpiece of Friendsgiving is the people. People are at the center of CHOICES. Friendship are vital —  Friends Giving Poster CHOICES recognizes that it is important we prioritize our friends, peers, and support network during the holidays, too.

So why has CHOICES started celebrating this new tradition?

  1. As the name implies, Friendsgiving is celebrated with friends!
  2. With Friendsgiving, everyone brings their culinary A-game and CHOICES appreciates the many talented individuals that are foodies.
  3. Friendsgiving acknowledges that friends come from various backgrounds, have different cultures and traditions and these differences in foods can be celebrated at the event.
  4. Friendsgiving does not have any rules and is for eating whatever food you want, pot-luck style.
  5. Friendsgiving is inclusive, everyone is welcome. The more the merrier!
  6. Friendsgiving is about being with the family you choose. 7. Friendsgiving can be a direct replacement for Thanksgiving but it doesn’t have to be. It can happen any day, with as many people as we want.

The individuals we support prepare for DSW day and saying thank you to the staff who support them to achieve goals each and every day.

FROM SEIU: What is a DSW, you may ask?

They are healthcare workers who care for people suffering from a mental disability. This covers a variety of different developmental and mental health issues. Many times these clients need a high level of supervision in their daily living.

Sometimes their clients suffer from several different disorders at the same time. For example, a client could be suffering from three different conditions: a developmental disability, Tourette syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. Their health and psychological needs require constant attention.

Many times their clients get frustrated and upset over circumstances they can’t control. They can be abusive to themselves and others. Many DSWs have an important soft skill that they use to talk to their clients, calm them down and uncover the root of their anger.

Not only do these professionals look after day-to-day items like cleaning, laundry and looking after their financial affairs, DSWs also take their clients out to the community. They cannot be cooped up in a home all day. They need to visit the mall, dine at a restaurant, and do some volunteer work. Some DSWs have even helped their clients find jobs in the community.

Over 4,000 SEIU Healthcare members work in the community care sector. Hats off to them. They look after those who cannot look after themselves.