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Healthy Workplace


PROACTIVE, INNOVATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE – CHOICES is proud to have a Workplace Wellness & Occupational Health and Safety program that embodies all of these things.

Our move towards “wellness” is a proactive one that takes the focus off injuries and illness, instead supporting our staff and clients to be their healthiest on the job (and at home) and to be able to live and work in the safest environment possible. The jump to online learning for many safety modules has been a success and our fire safety measures provide the highest standards of client support. If you need any proof of our improvements, just look at the day - statistics continue to show that we’re walking the safety talk!

CHOICES strongly believes that accident prevention and efficient service go hand in hand. Our orientation and training programs, communication, employee awareness, wellness initiatives and general safety culture are to thank for continuous improvements to worker safety and our environment.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen an impact on our accident statistics at CHOICES. The total number of on-the-job injuries and accidents reported to Occupational Health & Safety has dropped significantly. This year only 5 client related incidents were reported, a decrease of 75%. And, of those 5 incidents, were linked to directly client behaviours (bites, hits, etc.).

Health and Safety has now been involved with five (5) Compliance Reviews to date, which have been completed as an internal audit of operations within the agency Day and Group Home program sites. Since OHS’s first involvement in July 2014, we have seen every program rise in their compliance scores. Well done!

And in closing, please remember that awareness of one’s personal health and wellness, and their responsibilities to keeping others safe, should never end at the end of the work day. We truly hope that everyone involved with CHOICES continues to practice good health and safety habits on AND off the job.