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Just Culture at CHOICES

CHOICES has made a commitment to providing a Just Culture environment for all of our stakeholders; the people we support, the professional support staff, administration and those who interact with our agency.

The Just Culture is a widely recognized program that communicates our commitment to achieve a remarkably safe work environment and to be "just" - or fair - with all our stakeholders. The lessons of Just Culture are applicable to every walk of life. It is a set of ideas that influence how we respond to the fallibility of our fellow human beings.

A safety [or Just] culture consists of five elements:

  1. An informed culture
  2. A reporting culture
  3. A learning culture
  4. A just culture
  5. A flexible culture

In an informed culture the agency collects and analyses relevant data, and actively shares safety information.

A reporting culture means creating a workplace culture where people have the confidence to report safety concerns without fear of blame. Employees must know that confidentiality will be maintained and that the information they submit will be acted upon, otherwise they will decide that there is no benefit in their reporting.

A learning culture means that an organization is able to learn from its mistakes and make changes. It will also ensure that people understand safety or Just Culture processes at a personal level.

In a just culture errors and unsafe acts will not be punished if the error was unintentional. However, those who act recklessly or take deliberate and unjustifiable risks will still be subject to disciplinary action.

A flexible culture is one where the organization and the people in it are capable of adapting effectively to changing demands.

Leadership is central to a Just Culture:

  • Expect from others what you exhibit yourself – you are the example people will follow
  • By ignoring low standards you are approving them - what you permit – you promote
  • Leadership is the communication of the actions and standards you expect by words, deeds and silence.

We work diligently to ensure everyone in the agency is educated and trained to do their job in a safe manner and proactively look for hazards.

We work together – on the same team – to achieve a remarkable level of safety and fairness that is principle driven.