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Supported Group Living Residences (SGLR)

With support of the DSO (Development Services Ontario), the matching process is designed in such a way that people are supported to reside in environments where they are compatible with peers, and the environment is conducive to their needs. 


Regardless of the placement within Choices, all Supported Group Living Homes provide a consistent approach, and above average level of support. 


People supported are assisted to develop their own goals, through the Person-Centered Planning Model, that will encourage both personal growth and community participation. 

In participation with a multitude of community partners, Choices focuses on ensuring that everyone is provided with opportunities that are as unique as they are. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

The Supported Independent Living program exists to provide supports to adults with developmental disabilities, so that they may reside independently within their community while at the same time, promoting personal growth, development and community integration using a person-centered and trauma informed approach.


This program offers support to individuals in diverse living situations including but not limited to those living  on their own, with family or with a room mate.


Supports provided  within this program are individualized and may include banking supports, assistance to maintain housing, developing community connections, and service navigation. Hours of support range from a few hours daily to a few hours weekly.


Host Family

This program brings together individuals with developmental disability and families living in the community. This programs offers people the opportunity to live in a family setting with a family who is compatible to who they are and their care needs. Choices screens, approves and supervises these living arrangements.

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