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Catherine Carr
Board President

Katie is a resident of Waterdown and has a BA and B.Ed. Throughout her career in education, she has assumed many leadership roles including Special Education Consultant, Vice Principal, Principal and Student Achievement Officer with The Ministry of Education.

Katie has served on many provincial and regional teams to improve, access and equity, course content and teaching and learning by working in collaboration with multiple and diverse teams. Katie brings her analysis and collaborative skills to the Board.


Kelly Fremlin

Kelly joined the Choices BOD in 2019 and is excited to bring her knowledge and experience working with the Criminal Justice System to the organization. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Windsor and has completed post graduate studies in Victimology.

While completing her studies, Kelly worked with the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (Ottawa, On) to assist in making amendments and large-scale changes to provincial and federal legislation. She has had the opportunity to address provincial and federal committees and leaders to advocate for victims and survivors of crime and is a fierce advocate for justice reform, improving public safety, and increasing services for victims and at-risk populations.

When not working or volunteering, Kelly enjoys spending time with her partner, Liam, walking their dog Cleo, and expelling her excess energy by running and yoga.


Keren continues to be an agent of change within her community, applying her knowledge and skills within non-profit organizations advocating for persons with disabilities and their networks of support. She is also a published researcher who has designed and implemented research projects focused on broad socio-economic issues impacting adults with learning disabilities in Trinidad, and the transition of young adults with multiple learning disabilities to further education in Scotland.

Keren has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance, a Project Management certificate from Ryerson University, and a Master of Science in Inclusive and Special Education from the University of Edinburgh.


Omar Mahamad

Omar joined the Choices board in 2020 as a volunteer. Omar obtained his Bachelor's in Community Health in 2015 and has since taken on many roles as a case manager and advocate for vulnerable persons; mainly that of seniors and those with developmental disabilities across the region. Omar also provides educational counselling for those who have a history of abuse and violence through Catholic Family Services. He looks forward to being an asset to this board by continuing to assist in meeting the needs of this agency, as well as continuing education in order to better serve the needs of those most important to his community.

Keren Miguel

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